Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges in Minnesota

There are five levels of criminal sexual conduct crimes. First degree criminal sexual conduct is the most serious felony level sex crimes, and fifth degree gross misdemeanor criminal sexual conduct is the least serious criminal sexual conduct offense. Criminal sexual conduct convictions can result in commitment to prison or to the county jail for a period of time. A major collateral consequence of a criminal sexual conduct conviction is that the convicted defendant must register as a sexual offender for 10 years.

I recently had a criminal sexual conduct case that we won at trial where a 65 year old grandfather, who had never had any similar charges before, was accused of improperly touching his grandson who was four years old at the time. The grandson only came forward and reported the alleged incident after he was caught behaving in a sexually inappropriate manner with some girls in the neighborhood.


Sex Offenses - Criminal Defense Lawyer

 We took the case to trial in Hennepin County and the jury found my client Not Guilty as they believed the child’s accusations just were not credible. So, criminal sexual conduct charges can be fought and a person can successfully defend himself where the charges are unfounded. Call Richard Ohlenberg for a free initial consultation today if you, or someone you love, are facing these types of charges.

Any person accused of criminal sexual conduct crime should speak with and retain legal counsel early on in the process. A person who thinks he might be a target of criminal charges should talk to an experienced lawyer as soon after the alleged incident as possible as the lawyer may be able to provide helpful advice at that stage of the process.

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