Burglary and theft

Burglary And Theft

Identity Theft, Workplace Theft, Burglary and Shoplifting

A burglary or theft charge is a very serious charge. Burglary charges range from felony first degree burglary, which is the most serious burglary charge, down to fourth degree burglary, which is a gross misdemeanor level offense. The severity level of a burglary charge generally depends on a number of factors.

Theft charges are also very serious charges as depending on the amount of the alleged theft, convictions can lead to lengthy jail and prison sentences and also can make it difficult to find future employment.

Any person accused of burglary or theft should speak with an experienced attorney to get advice about his or her specific situation and to discuss the possible defenses that may apply.


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Recent Case Handled by Attorney Ohlenberg

I recently represented a young woman in court who had been charged with Felony theft of less than $10,000 from an employer. She had been experiencing some extreme personal problems at the time due to recently having lost a baby during a pregnancy. Because she had a clean criminal record and we could show that she had been treated for a psychological breakdown due to post partum depression, we were able to get the case resolved as gross misdemeanor level offense which allowed her to keep her current job and move on with her life. She did have to do some jail time and also had to repay the money she took, but she was not convicted of a felony level offense. There was a tremendous amount of work involved with getting all the medical records so that we could show the court that this young woman deserved a break. However, this is the type of work that you can expect from the Ohlenberg Law Firm.

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