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DWI charges and their effect on your license and driving record

License Revocation: DWI offenses generally trigger license revocation. For a first offense where there is no accident and the BAC (blood alcohol content) test reading was under .20, the license revocation can be as little as 90 days. On a first offense only, if the driver pleads guilty in court to the DWI offense, the drivers license revocation can be shortened to 30 days. For repeat offenses, the license revocation period can be much longer.

Drivers accused of alcohol related driving offenses may be entitled to obtain a limited license, and also have the right to contest the order of revocation of the license as long as they file a petition for judicial determination within 30 days of a notice and order of revocation or disqualification. If that time deadline is missed, the driver is generally not entitled to have a hearing on the revocation of his or her driving privileges.

If you are facing a license revocation due to a DWI charge or have been charged with DAR (Driving after Revocation) call Richard Ohlenberg today. Fighting for your license on your own is a difficult and complicated process. Mr. Ohlenberg has the experience and knowledge to work through the system and get you the best outcome possible. Don’t waste another day waiting or risk facing additional charges by driving when you do not have a valid license. Call my Twin Cities law office at 952-447-1600 or my cell phone at 612-804-4512 to take the first step towards putting this all behind you.

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