Twin Cities Criminal Defense

Twin Cities Criminal Defense

Richard P. Ohlenberg is a successful criminal defense attorney with jury acquittals, dismissals, and positive resolutions in over 1,000 criminal cases including: drug charges, criminal sexual conduct, theft, assault, vehicle forfeiture and DWI/traffic offenses.

He has raised successful defenses in courthouses around the state, including clients and District Courts in Burnsville, Eagan, Hastings, Mendota Heights, Plymouth, Eden Prairie, Apple Valley and Rosemount in Dakota County, Shakopee and Prior Lake in Scott County, Chaska, St. Louis Park and Chanhassen in Carver County, Minneapolis and Hennepin County, Saint Paul and Ramsey County, and the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

"So After a Quick Background Check..."

Worried About Background Checks?

Learn About Expungements

If those words haunt you because of a mistake you made years ago, it’s time to talk to an experienced lawyer about expungements.

“Expungement” is the legal term for clearing your record of a past conviction. This can help people who are looking to apply for housing, a new job or anything where a background check is required.

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Twin Cities Criminal Defense


He provides the skill and the experience to help you understand and make your way through the legal system if and when you are charged with a criminal or traffic offense.


The legal limit in Minnesota is .08. A first DWI offense with a reading of less than .20 is a misdemeanor level offense
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Drug Charges

Drug charges are also known as controlled substance crimes.
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Assualt Charges

There are five levels of assault offenses under Minnesota law, and convictions for first
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Mr. Ohlenberg is currently handling an appeal to the Minnesota Court of Appeals of a probation violation
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When someone is convicted of a crime, and has completed most or all of their sentence,
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A burglary or theft charge is a very serious charge. Burglary charges range from felony first degree burglary
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There are five levels of criminal sexual conduct crimes.
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Juvenile Offenses

If a child under the age of 18 is accused of a crime, the case will begin in juvenile court.
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If the person who is taken into custody remains in jail, he or she must be brought in front of a judge to determine the conditions of his or her release.
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Orders for Protection (ODF’s) are civil proceedings brought by one person against another alleging some type of abusive conduct
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Richard Ohlenberg handles all types of criminal defense cases from petty misdemenors to serious felonies throughout the state of Minnesota.
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In 2015, the Minnesota Legislature made some sweeping changes to Minnesota’s Expungement Law, and made it much easier to expunge or seal certain records.
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Twin Cities Criminal Defense

Detailed Discussion Of Important Case!

The Missouri v. McNeely opinion issued on April 17, 2013 by the U.S. Supreme Court is good news for people with currently pending DWI cases! Call Richard Ohlenberg now for a free initial consultation to discuss if this decision may help you!

Twin Cities Criminal Defense

Richard P. Ohlenberg Serves the Entire Twin Cities Metro

He provides the skill and the experience to help you understand and make your way through the legal system if and when you are charged with a criminal or traffic offense

Whether your case involves misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor or felony level charges, Richard P. Ohlenberg will use his 16 years of criminal defense experience to obtain a successful resolution of your case. Throughout your case, Richard P. Ohlenberg will keep you fully informed as to the progress of your case, and the options you have at each step along the way. He will give you the advice you need to make the decisions you need to make.

Richard P. Ohlenberg knows that it is not enough for the lawyer to understand and be up to speed on the case. The client must also feel comfortable that he or she is being vigorously represented by his or her lawyer and that he or she is being kept informed about the progress that is being made on the case. Let Richard P. Ohlenberg put his experience to work for you! Call the office at 952-447-1600 or for emergencies call Mr. Ohlenberg’s cell phone at 612-804-4512.

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